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We can prevent your 2- and 3-year batteries from reaching the "battery killing" third stage of sulfation. If your batteries are 4- and 5-years old, we can definitely save you money on new or reconditioned replacements!

We utilize a battery reconditioning process which safely removes Level 1 and Level 2 sulfation without damaging the lead plates in batteries. We do not use additives. Our system removes the sulfation and recovers your battery's performance, restoring the battery capacity and longevity -- guaranteed!

Our customers save hundreds and thousands of dollars by reconditioning their old batteries instead of replacing them, while simultaneously helping to reduce waste -- the environmentally-friendly thing to do!

Let us de-sulfate your batteries and save you the replacement cost of your battery.

We recondition lead acid batteries, which are used in:
astar Cars
astar Trucks
astar Golf carts
astar Forklifts
astar People movers
astar Boats
astar Trains
astar Agricultural equipment
astar Airline equipment
astar Utility equipment
astar UPS back-up systems
astar Cable sites
astar Telecommunication sites



If you utilize lead acid batteries in these or any other industry, we can help you save money!



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